Gordon Hesse

Gordon Hesse


Cuban Blues is a personal account about my experiences in Cuban prisons in the 1970s that included solitary confinement, house arrest in a mansion, leading a prison riot with other Americans, a trial before Revolutionary Tribunal Numero Uno and hunger strikes that led to my release.

From the book's preface:

This is my story of when I was a “guest” of the Cuba government.  

My lodgings during nearly ten months were a villa, a solitary cell, a mansion, two fortresses, and the mansion again—all prisons that excelled at one form of torment or another.

The action of my adventure played out during a different era, and readers may doubt the genesis of these events came from a brotherly friendship with one of my best friends ever. My role in these events grew out of a desire in my youth—and even now—to have a life of memorable challenges and adventure.  So far, that wish has been realized, despite considering myself to be a cautious person.  

The ordeal in Cuba was difficult, however when ompared to what I have seen and heard of other people’s hardships, I have been profoundly fortunate.  One thing I do know: you grow the most when you are challenged. The experiences of this prodigal son, have, I believe, made me a better human.

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